New CodeGear Site

CodeGear has updated its web site with the new logo and style.

Delphi Feeds with News What

As you might have already seen, the Delphi Feeds web site has been updated, with my own dev.newswhat.com site providing the NNTP feeds.

Blogs of the Year on DelphiFeeds

DelphiFeeds has a Blog of the Year Award and some interesting stats about Delphi-related blogs.

Delphi 2007 Third-Party Updates

CodeGear has released new third party tools for registered users and Atozed has an update for IntraWeb 9.

CodeGear: two millions, one quarter

Borland released the first financial report with separate data for CodeGear. And that data looks good.

Delphi and Ruby, Recent Links

Some news and links on Delphi and Ruby and the coming CodeGear Ruby tools...

Ruby and C++ Announcements From CodeGear

As anticipated, CodeGear has announced a new development environment for Ruby and an update of C++Builder.

Assorted Language Related Links

A small group of (old and new) links I have around... on Delphi, PHP, Dynamic Languages, VB6, Fortress...

Jeff Duntemann on the Pascal Language

I found an interesting post by an old friend... of Turbo Pascal and Delphi.

Italian Delphi Day 2007

Continuing a 5 years old tradition, I'm hosting an Italian Delphi conference on June 7th, in Piacenza, with CodeGear and Microsoft experts.

Codegear Betas and Roamaps, May 2007

CodeGear has a public beta and is promising the Delphi roadmap, looks like things are indeed changing.

Rich Internet Applications, my AjaxFade demo

I'm not sure what the Web will look like in a couple of years, but for sure you can create RIA applications with no Flash and no Silverlight.

Featured on CodeGear.com

My blog is featured among the CodeGear Outside Blogs on COdeGear home page.

Auto Updating Delphi Programs

I have the need to deploy a program that can update itself. Do you know of a better approach?

Remix 07 in Milan (My Take on Silverlight)

Today I was at the Microsoft Remix07 event in Milan, where I attended a detailed introduction to Silverligth. Here are some thoughts on this technology.