Delphi Newsgroups Stats

Asked by a friend, I've collected some stats from the visits on my web front end to Delphi newsgroups, delphi.newswhat.com.

Jim Douglas is the New CodeGear CEO

Ben Smith leaves CodeGear and there is now a new CEO. This is the little info I've found.

Singapore and Rebooting the Inflight Entertainment System

I'm spending a few hours in Singapore airport and have a funny story to tell...

Australia: Pictures, Maps, and a Long Swim

For once, I'm moved from the "build" to the "buy" side, and have used free user services to post pictures and a map, rather than adding pages to my own web site. Also, Google is looking for good swimmers...

Atom Feeds for Borland Groups

I've added atom feeds to my NNTP front end, dev.newswhat.com.

Delphi 2007 Workshop (plus Rave Seminar)

I'm giving a Delphi 2007 Workshop in Italy next week, but I'm also available to teach it onsite or online.

Borland Moving To Texas, CodeGear Staying Home

Borland is on the move, but the "IDE" company is not.

A Tale of Indy Sockets and a Two Characters Terminator

I've had a very bad experience with a 2 char separator in a stream-based socket. Here is the story.

Internet Explorer and My Comments List

I've found a very odd bug on my blog, due to a "feature" of Internet Explorer.

A Tale of Indy Sockets: The Fix

Following my post last week, I've think I've found a good fix for the two-characters separator bug.

Download Files on My Google Group

My server was under DOS-attack (or misuse) yesterday, so I decided to move some larger files on my "Marco Cantu Tech World" Google Group.

Searches and Google Webmaster Tools

I've been looking into searches and found new features in the tools Google gives to webmasters. Also, I found a few links to my blog.

CodeGear Partners with MySQL

CodeGear and MySQL announced an agreement at the MySQL Conference, related with integration of MySQL with CodeGear's Delphi product line.