Delphi, the Swiss Knife

I was discussing Delphi strength with a client, recently, and I came up with this interesting analogy.

A T for my TClasses

Delphi naming convention is to use a T in front of types. Not so in the .NET FCL and this can be confusing.

Article on FastMM4

There is an article on BDN from the author of the new Delphi 2006 memory manager.

CF and Apache Compression Blues

I've made progress in my .NET CF application that reads compressed remote data via HTTP... but, boy, it is tough!

Delphi 2006: Unicode and DB

Borland says Delphi 2006 has Unicode support for dbExpress, while, in fact, it is all over the TDataSet class.

Delphi 2006 EBook, First Draft of Chapter 1

I've started publishing (a draft of) an ebook updating Mastering Delphi 2005 to the new version of the Borlad IDE.

What about Delphi 2006 Trial and Personal?

Delphi 2006 has been out from some time. How about starting to promote it with special versions?

Personal and Trial, Again

My last post has generated a lot of comments, including a post by Allen Bauer... so I have a few more comments.

Bitwise Magazine Reviews Delphi 2006

The online Bitwise Magazine has a review of Borland Developer Studio 2006, plus another interesting article on .NET.

.NET CF Development in Delphi 2006

There is a video on BDN showing how to create CF applications using the command line, but this is not needed in Delphi 2006. I find it odd that Borland doesn't fully realise this...

Delphi 2006 EBook Updated

I've updated my free Delphi 2006 ebook with more chapters and a new format.

VCL.NET Summary by Craig Stuntz

Craig Stuntz has a very interesting blog entry with a summary of the status of VCL.NET.

Browse Newsgroups on dev.newshat.com

In the spare time, I'm building a new site to replace delphi.newswhat.com, with a better architecture and new features.