Bitwise Magazine is an online magazine for developers. In the January 2006 issue there is a review of Delphi 2006 done by a long-time Delphi developer plus a more limited review done by a Visual Studio developer. I have to say I liked the idea a lot.

What I don't like is that the articles seem to miss a few key points. First, as BDS is based on .NET 1.1 it certainly cannot have the WinForms 2.0 design guidelines or the .NET 2.0 edit-and-continue capabilities. These are not VS2005 features, per se, but features borrowed from the SDK and that can be used by any IDE. Wait until Borland adopts the new SDK and we'll see. It's OK to complain that Borland is late adopting 2.0, but singling out these missing features seems unfair to me. There are some other glitches: for example I guess VS "GUID creation tool" doesn't do much more than Delphi's Ctrl+Shift+G in the editor, getting you a new GUID. And Borland's UML support is not even mentioned. Also, BDS ToolsAPI is undocumented and hidden and adding a new personality is out of reach, but implying you cannot extend the BDS IDE is certainly wrong. Craig Stuntz has further comments in the non-tech newsgroup about the language review. I agree with his point: records methods are required for full .NET compatibility. And fully-functional value types do make sense in a language anyway (that's why object types were kept in the Delphi language for so many years).

Having said this, I do appreciate the fact the product review is there and I think that overall it does a fair job highlighting interesting features and limitations of Delphi 2006.I wanted to point out there is also an even more interesting article in the same issue by the same authors titled THE .NET DEBATE. I found this very amusing and interesting... a suggested read indeed!