My Delphi 2006 online ebook, written to update my printed book Mastering Delphi 2005, has been updated.
First, there are now 4 chapters covering the IDE, the compiler (mostly for Win32), and the Win32 RTL.

Second, the ebook is now in HTML format, with a page for each chapter. I've removed the older PDF version. The rationale is (i) this is the only way the ebook can (hopefully) pay for itself, through advertising; (ii) this format poses less burden on my site; (iii) it is an easier target for web searches; (iv) I'm generating this HTML from the same OpenOffice files used for the PDF, using a custom Delphi program that does a few XSLT transformations, and this is a nice technology to play with.

I hope you don't mind the change and enjoy the content. More will be made available in the coming weeks. This version received also good editing review by Peter Wood. Thanks.