Delphi, why do we keep using this 10 years old tool despite all what's new in software development? Is Delphi the best tool in each development area? Certainly not, but its strength is in being very flexible, so that it can be used in a number of tasks... like a multi-tool Swiss knife.

Like a Swiss knife, it is the perfect tool for some tasks (database and client/server development, socket-based utilities, pure windows apps, high-end MDA...) and it can perform great in many other areas (.NET development, multi-tier, high performance Internet servers..), but its end up being adequate for many others (web development, Linux support...).

Would you replace your Swiss knife with a dedicated screwdriver? It you have one thousands screws an electric tool would certainly be better... but in the development work differences are often not so clear cut: if the electric tool requires two months learning and a power cord, it might still be better to use your traditional tool, in a simple but effective way.

With unparalleled Win32 support, extensive .NET support, and some Linux capabilties still in place, Delphi is still a very good tool set for many tasks. I find using it almost exclusively (from Linux to Compact Framework development) and find no compelling reason to switch to other development environments. Your mileage might vary, of course, but even if you picked another dev tool for your work, having a copy of Delphi at hand can often provide invaluable... like having a Swiss knife at hand.

The fact Borland depicts itself as the Switzerland of software had nothing do to with this idea, but I have to say that the two fit nicely.