Some of you might know I manage a Delphi newsgroups front end at For people interested in browsing recent newsgroups posts, it can be a better alternative than google groups (which is unbeatable for searches).

Now, as time permits, I'm building a new version of the site at As the name implies, this is going to be more broad (for all developers). It uses the same NNTPtoXML engine, but a different front end (still XSLT-based). It uses AJAX to display threads and let you open individual messages. For now, it has no user-related data (no login, no tracking of your favorites) and doesn't allow posting, but these and other features will come... Notice also, URLs are muhc shorted and more meaningfull.

For now, I decided to make it openly accessible to receive feedback. It is a beta, nothing more than that. Let me know what you think here on by email, as indicated on the web site itself. I should be able to add a plethora of Microsoft groups in a few days (they are already on the site). I'll also port all of the Delphi third party groups from If there are other newsgroups you are interested in seeing, let me know.