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September, 2014

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Delphi Blogs of the Week (or Month) #17

More monthly than weekly again, but there is a lot of interesting stuff in the Delphi world... and in the related development world. So here is another round of useful links. -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio XE7 Released Today

Delphi XE7, C++Builder XE7, and the combined RAD Studio XE7 products have been released today by Embarcadero Technologies. -- Read blog post.

Delphi XE7: New Classes and More

Delphi XE7 includes many new classes, here are only a few of them... along with some more information. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Tage 2014 on Saturday

On Saturday I'll give the keynote at the Delphi Tage in Bonn, Germany -- Read blog post.

Delphi XE7 Blogs of the Week #18

A special weekly blogs posts collection focused on XE7 -- Read blog post.

Presenting XE7 In Milan on Tuesday

I'll be presenting RAD Studio XE7 in Milan on Tuesday. If you live in Northern Italy, don't miss this live event. -- Read blog post.

Dynamic Arrays in Delphi XE7

There is a significant new feature in the Object Pascal language for XE7 and that is the improved support for initializing dynamic arrays and operating on them. -- Read blog post.

Free Castalia for Delphi XE7

Castalia is a great addition to the Delphi IDE and Embarcadero offers a free license of Castalia to all XE7 developers. That's a great offer. -- Read blog post.

Building VCL Applications in Delphi XE7

What's new in XE7 for VCL developers? And what about other recent versions? -- Read blog post.

VCL in XE7: TaskBar Buttons and JumpList

An area of the VCL new in XE6 and XE7 is the support for Windows taskbar buttons customization with two new components, TTaskBar and TJumpList -- Read blog post.

Generating Object Pascal interfaces from Java on Android with Java2OP

Embarcadero has made available a new tool for Delphi XE7 developers that helps interfacing with Android Java classes by translating Java APIs to Object Pascal. -- Read blog post.

VCL in XE7: Styles

The use of styles is a great way to modernize Delphi VCL applications. Here is a short guide to styles in VCL. -- Read blog post.