Delphi XE7 includes many new classes, here are only a few of them... along with some more information.

Delphi XE7 New Classes

Here is a list of the top 15 new XE7 classes in the various libraries that ship with the product (not in all editions):

  • TMultiView (FMX)
  • TJumpList (VCL)
  • TMultiTouchManager (FMX)
  • TFormSaveState
  • TParallel
  • TTask
  • TBluetoothManager
  • TBluetoothAdapter
  • TBluetoothDevice
  • TNetEncoding
  • TFDConnectionDefParams
  • TFDBatchMove
  • TEMSProvider
  • TEMSFireDACClient
  • TEMSResourceAttributes

More Information