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August, 2013

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Migrating Delphi Code: Technical Challenges

I'm spending some time focusing on migration of applications written with old versions of Delphi. First step, the technical issues making things difficult. -- Read blog post.

Updated Delphi Mobile Roamap

There is a new RAD Studio Mobile roadmap available on Embarcadero Developer Network, which mentions also a couple of features beyond mobile... -- Read blog post.

Migrating Delphi Code: Which Components Are Blocking You?

One of the big problems migrating old Delphi applications is they use components that aren't available any more. Which ones have caused you trouble or are blocking you? -- Read blog post.

Delphi for Android is Alive (by JT)

First blog post and images of an Android application written in Delphi. -- Read blog post.

Android Second in the US with 52%

Just read a "fantastic" article on iOS continued dominance in the US, couldn't resist blogging. -- Read blog post.

FireMonkey Icons on my Google Nexus 4

I just "spotted" some FireMonkey icons among the applications installed in my Google Nexus 4. -- Read blog post.

Compiling Android Apps with Delphi

The next version of Delphi will include a new compiler for the Android ARM platform. Here is some information about it. -- Read blog post.

DelphiFeedsClient on Android (and iOS)

Earlier this year I wrote a simple iOS client for Delphi Feeds RSS and Embarcadero blog RSS feed. It now works also on Android. No need to touch the source code at all! -- Read blog post.

Delphi Brings ARC to Android

Delphi mobile compilers use Automatic Reference Counting. While ARC is commonly used on iOS, given Xcode uses it, Android developers generally rely on a Garbage Collector. -- Read blog post.

DataSnap Android Clients

Following last week video by Jim McKeeth on DataSnap clients for Android, here is some more information and code form another, similar demo. -- Read blog post.