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April, 2009

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Delphi Productivity Tour In Baltimore with Anders Ohlsson

After finishing my two-day seminar with Cary Jensen, I'm attending the Baltimore stop of the Delphi Productivity Tour, with Anders Ohlsson. -- Read blog post.

Fluent Interfaces in Delphi

A recent post by Primoz Gabrijelcic about Fluent XML has turned on interest for fluent interfaces in Delphi. -- Read blog post.

Microsoft Choice Guard

I was installing some Microsoft software and stumbled upon this "interesting" application. -- Read blog post.

Twittering Blog Posts

I'm implementing blog-to-twitter support, this is an experimental post. -- Read blog post.

Beta of DelphiFeeds and new Eureka Blog

As probably know by now a new version of the popular site is available. Also my friends at EurekaLog are now blogging. -- Read blog post.

TObject is Online

The recent update of the RAD Studio 2009 Help provides full HTML-based navigation of Delphi help files. That's a significant step forward for the docs team at CodeGear. -- Read blog post.

Web Development Stacks... and Delphi

Two unrelated blog posts I read last week are turning my focus to Delphi web development strategies. -- Read blog post.

My Name is Marco Buzzword

There are many people building sites by mixing random web content, but hit one (using my material) is quite fun. -- Read blog post.

Speaking at Delphi Live!

In less than a month I'll be speaking at Delphi Live!, the first Delphi conference in the US after a few years. The conference is scheduled for May 14th in San Jose, California. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Developer Days 2009, London July 1st

Delphi Developer Days, with myself and Cary Jensen, is coming to Europe at the beginning of July after two stops in the US. -- Read blog post.

Sun, Oracle, and MySQL

Some links I found interesting, while reading about Sun acquisition by Oracle, particularly about MySQL. -- Read blog post.

New Delphi Product Manager and R&D Manager

You probably have already heard, but people inside CodeGear have shifted their role, including Delphi Product Manager. Kudos and good luck. -- Read blog post.

Social Web Blog Updates (April 2009)

I occasionally post on my second blog, focused on Web 2.0 and social web (from a not-so-technical perspective) and had a few recent entries. -- Read blog post.