After finishing my two-day seminar with Cary Jensen in the Washington DC area (actually next to the BWI airport), I'm attending the Baltimore/Washington stop of the Delphi Productivity Tour, with Anders Ohlsson. This is taking place in the same room that hosted our class, so we were involved in setting it up.

Anders did a good job introducing Embarcadero Technologies, covering Delphi 2009 (Unicode, anonymous methods, datasnap 2009, improved COM, and VCL changes), covered All-Access, and more.

What's happening with the Delphi compiler? It is getting a new front-end and a new back-end so we will soon be able to compile for Windows 64 bit (with a public preview expected before the end of this year) and support Linux and Mac in the future.

He said that in the next version of Delphi they are looking forward to supporting (among other features) Firebird, touch-based UI (multi-platform touch engine), 64bit, and cloud computing.

It was a nice meeting of about 40 developers and I ended up selling (and signing) a few copies of my Delphi 2009 Handbook that I had with me.