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June, 2008

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CodeGear's White Knight (by SD Times)

SD Times has a very interesting editorial on CodeGear acquisition by Embarcadero. -- Read blog post.

RESTful Web Services Book

I've just started reading an interesting book I bought a few months ago. -- Read blog post.

Native or Managed for an ISV?

I noticed an interesting post in an ISV developer blog, questioning the viability of .NET for his program. -- Read blog post.

CodeGear and Embarcadero News by Greg (and DavidI)

CodeGear blogs are very quiet these days, but Greg posted about his meetings in Scotts Valley. If you are in Europe, check out DavidI tour. -- Read blog post.

Images of Database Form Wizard for dbExpress

Just a few images of a wizard of the Cantools collection I've ported from BDE to dbExpress. -- Read blog post.

Traveling Among Delphi Day Events

What a week: workshops, the Delphi Day in Piacenza, traveling to Germany, the Delphi Tage in Gunzburg... -- Read blog post.

Firefox 3 Download Day

Firefox 3 download day will start in a few minutes -- Read blog post.

A Fat 8 Percent of Vista Developers

I'm the first to bash Microsoft when I feel they deserve it, but when incompetents do the same with no technical ground I'd rather side with them. -- Read blog post.

June 08 Delphi 2007 Updates

There was a recent flurry of Delphi 2007 updates worth noticing... even though most of them are minor issues. -- Read blog post.

David I at the Italian Delphi Day 2008

David I offered some interesting insights while at the Delphi Day event in Italy two weeks ago. -- Read blog post.

Pictures (and Source Code) of Delphi Day 2008

I've uploaded a few pictures of the Delphi Day 2008 in Italy, and made available the download file for a couple of demos of mine. -- Read blog post.

User Finds Delphi Annoyances

A Delphi one-time user, Branden Tanga, blogs about RAD Studio annoyances... without really getting Delphi! -- Read blog post.

The Social Web: New Book, New Blog

I've written a book about online communities and started a companion blog. -- Read blog post.

Essential Pascal: Review and Source Code Download

I've posted the source code of Essential Pascal, and found a nice online review about the new edition. -- Read blog post.