A Delphi one-time user, Branden Tanga, blogs about RAD Studio annoyances... without really getting Delphi! I understand he has limited experience with the product but his negative impressions are only partially based on facts. Read his blog post first... keep reading it... now if you are done, see my counter-points below:

  • "hitting the tab key with one word selected doesn't indent it", as we in Delphi use Ctrl+I, but Delphi has multiple editor bindings, maybe there is also one doing what he asks, I don't know... maybe he has a point here
  • "frames that make up the MDI interface of RAD are all undocked frames that make up the MDI interface of RAD are all undocked, I've never seen this, although applying the proper setting is is one click away
  • "If you launch your application from within RAD, it must be managed within RAD", is a positive feature for me. If you are debugging, you stop an app in the debugger rather than using Task Manager, imho.
  • "You have to pay 3rd parties for extra widgets" unless you use the hundreds of free and open source VCL controls, come on. As he sais, Delphi can use the Windows API, so you don't need to get extra components, although you might find it easier...
  • "There is no free version of CodeGear RAD"... unless you consider the Turbos, which are still partially available, and don't consider that unlike Microsoft, CodeGear should make some money on its tools. If the idea is "I don't want to pay", that's fine... but I won't consider it an annoyance!
  • "There is absolutely no way to write Delphi code for free." Well, same as above... although partially incorrect as there are other Object Pascal compilers out there.
  • "There are properties and objects that are COMPLETELY HIDDEN from the developer, and the only way to access them is through RAD's wysiwyg editor." This is an absolute nonsense. It is factually wrong. Everything you can do in the form designer, you can do in code.

There are many things in Delphi that are far from great, but this easy bashing with little or no foundation and quite a few factual errors really upsets me!