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April, 2007

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Delphi Newsgroups Stats

Asked by a friend, I've collected some stats from the visits on my web front end to Delphi newsgroups, -- Read blog post.

Jim Douglas is the New CodeGear CEO

Ben Smith leaves CodeGear and there is now a new CEO. This is the little info I've found. -- Read blog post.

Singapore and Rebooting the Inflight Entertainment System

I'm spending a few hours in Singapore airport and have a funny story to tell... -- Read blog post.

Australia: Pictures, Maps, and a Long Swim

For once, I'm moved from the "build" to the "buy" side, and have used free user services to post pictures and a map, rather than adding pages to my own web site. Also, Google is looking for good swimmers... -- Read blog post.

Atom Feeds for Borland Groups

I've added atom feeds to my NNTP front end, -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2007 Workshop (plus Rave Seminar)

I'm giving a Delphi 2007 Workshop in Italy next week, but I'm also available to teach it onsite or online. -- Read blog post.

Borland Moving To Texas, CodeGear Staying Home

Borland is on the move, but the "IDE" company is not. -- Read blog post.

A Tale of Indy Sockets and a Two Characters Terminator

I've had a very bad experience with a 2 char separator in a stream-based socket. Here is the story. -- Read blog post.

Internet Explorer and My Comments List

I've found a very odd bug on my blog, due to a "feature" of Internet Explorer. -- Read blog post.

A Tale of Indy Sockets: The Fix

Following my post last week, I've think I've found a good fix for the two-characters separator bug. -- Read blog post.

Download Files on My Google Group

My server was under DOS-attack (or misuse) yesterday, so I decided to move some larger files on my "Marco Cantu Tech World" Google Group. -- Read blog post.

Searches and Google Webmaster Tools

I've been looking into searches and found new features in the tools Google gives to webmasters. Also, I found a few links to my blog. -- Read blog post.

CodeGear Partners with MySQL

CodeGear and MySQL announced an agreement at the MySQL Conference, related with integration of MySQL with CodeGear's Delphi product line. -- Read blog post.