As you can read in eWeek and in InfoWorld, CodeGear (the Borland subsidiary focused on development tools) has a new CEO. Jim Douglas, who according to InfoWorld, "was most recently president and CEO of ReShape". According to eWeek,

"a CodeGear official said Smith was brought on to get CodeGear off the ground, and Douglas is focused on helping the division move to the next level of gaining share on its competitors."

Searching the web I bumped into this email by Jam Douglas, in which he claims his role in the company was to build a direct sales channel and raise venture capital, two things CodeGear probably needs. Here is another article with a little background information (including studies and such). Finally, you can see the LinkedIn profile (not updated) of Jim Douglas here.

I have to say I don't like this kind of blizzards, and the fact this is happening at the end of a quarter raises a little suspicion, but let's hope Jim is as open as Ben, starts blogging and listening, and helps CodeGear succeed and prosper. However, I really hope we'll get some more info, like a Ben Smith farewell blog post or a reassuring post by David I. I'll keep you updated.

Update (few hours later)

There is now an official announcement on CDN, in the form of a letter of Tod Nielsen, Borland CEO. Also, there is going to be a live community chat with the new CEO on Thursday, April 5th. Will be interesting to attend and see what the company is up to, in his views.