As a follow up of my recent blog post introeducing the news, Embarcadero Technologies has provided over the last two days a lot more information (including a detailed reply by Gregg Keller on my blog post)... and hours ago the official press release of its new All-Access subscription. As anticipated, this is a single subscription to all of the company developemnt and database tools, covering 18 products in various versions. You can pick a subscription level and get products of the corresponding lever. For example the Bronze subscription corresponds to the Professional version of the IDEs, Silver to Enterprise, and higher verisons are mostly intended for the high end database management tools.

The product web site is online at This has the complete information, including levels (Bronze to Platinum), the supported database platforms, and the end user licence agreement. You have to read the fine prints, because the IDE licences are less flexible in terms of multiple installations per user than we are used to. Level details are here

Notice that compared to past "maintenance" dleas for Delphi: (i) you pay more the first year, but not as much, particularly when upgrading (ii) if you stop paying you keep the products in their current version (so it is not really a subscription model), (iii) at Silver/Enterprise level I've been told you'll be paying only a little more than the RAD Studio subscription price, but you end up with a plethora of tools (iv) you can keep buying indovidual licences as in the past (you are not forced into thsi deal if you are not interested).

Below you can see the short introductory video by CEO Wayne Williams:

 Here are a few more links:

I think it is a very good move, but again not for all current Delphi developer. Everyone else can keep buying individual update... and please don't tell that recent versions of Delphi (like 2007 and 2009) had limited new features! I won't believe you...