After officially releasing my Delphi 2010 Handbook last week, today I'm announcing the availability of the printed version of the book. It is, as for my past books, a print-on-demand version. The book is available on the CreateSpace web site (not on, this time) at the address:

If you are interested in both the PDF and printed version, consider buying the PDF first, as you'll receive a 20% discount for the printed version (the reverse is not possible, though Embarcadero should make the PDF of my book available to registered users of the Delphi 2010 and related products).

The book should take a couple of weeks to become available on Amazon (US) and other online outlets. On Amazon you might get cheaper shipping (particularly if you are in the US and buy other books along with it), although CreateSpace seems to be offering better options than I'll let you know over the blog as soon as it becomes available on Amazon. 

Finally, I'm investigating the option to make it available in other ebook formats, including supporting Amazon Kindle, but nothing has been decided.