Another month has gone by, and here are some interesting Delphi links I've collected.

Embarcadero Updates

New Platform Status docwiki page, indicating support for newely released versions of the operating system RAD Studio supports, and offering workarounds and suggestions from blog posts and other sources:

10 Seattle Update 1 has been released with new features ( and bug fixes ( There are also two follow up hotfixes (

If you don't have 10 Seattle check out the active offers at

General Blog Posts

Jens Fudge on Teaching Delphi at

Stephen Ball video in Visual Live Bindings (Master Detail Detail) at (part of a series worth looking to)

Allen Bauer on assorted topics like his guru-maker experiences (Cyborging a Cheap Laminator) and meeting one of his mentors (

Sarina DuPont on accessing a WinRT API for globalization at

Jim McKeeth on Hour of CodinGame with Object Pascal / Delphi at

Really Technical, In Depth Blog Posts

Favorably surprised by the depth of many recent blog posts, including the following:

Rudy Velthuis on BigIntegers at and the actual information at

Marc Durdin has a summary blog post with links to articles he wrote covering Windbg and Delphi at (I remember using Windbg to find nasty errors in the past)

Sarina has also a long and detailed comment in a quality portal bug report regarding support for iPad Pro device and detailed steps on how to add a launch storyboard to a FireMonkey application at

David Millington has a very nice blog on "Custom object memory allocation in Delphi: Bypassing FastMM for fun and profit" at (I covered this on my Robust Delphi applications sessions years ago, but I agree this technique is largely unknown).

Delphi Tools

The Delphi Parser is a new tool to help migration, with the current version focused on BDE to FireDAC migration. A free tool let's you assess the actual conversion on your code. The company also offer migration consulting.

A solar calendar open source VCL component at


Have a nice reading. I'll try to create another of these blog links collections before the end of the year.