While the Update 1 of RAD Studio 10 Seattle had a significant number of issues addressed (see for example my announcement in the blog), it has also some interesting new features or improvements to existing features, that go beyond bug fixing. While in some scenarios it is quite obvious, in many cases it is difficult to draw a strict distinction between a bug that is fixed and a new feature that is added, particularly when it is a matter of improving an existing feature. In both cases, the net result is improving the product and enabling a capability that wasn't working, either by design, to meet a deadline, or by mistake.

This is a list I've gathered looking throughs the work that was done by the team for the 10 Seattle Update 1, with most features equally applying to Delphi and C++Builder:

- Improved drawing of main menu and form borders, under Windows 10, for VCL styled applications. On a similar note, the styled common dialogs now properly support local menus.

- The IDE now uses HTTPS to connect to the community site, handle community login, and communicate with the remote server.

- Additional demos have been added to the 10 Seattle repository

- The IDE reintroduces support for C++ Code Formatting, which had to be reworked because of C++ compiler changes

- AppAnalytics connections use HTTPS instead of plain HTTP for security

- The IDE and PAServer offer additional support to deployment of apps on iOS 9 (including better handling of Apple Transport Security feature)

- PAServer offers additional support to deployment of apps on OS X El Capitan (this was available in preview to all customers)

- The AppTethering encryption hooks have been significantly reworked and improved

- There have been improvements to the FDMemTable FireDAC component, for better ClientDataSet behavior compatibility

- The REST client library now supports passing empty URL parameters in TRestClient calls, a feature that was important to offer compatibility with previous DataSnap REST clients behavior

- The installation will now install the latest version of Java (Java 8) as a pre-requisite, if the Java runtime is not found on the target system

These are changes that to me fall more into feature work than bug fixing, but your mileage might vary. We are committed to keep improving RAD Studio 10 Seattle, offering continuous improvements and bug fixes to the customers who've embraced Update Subscription.