As I wrote earlier, the University of Salamanca is organizing for next week the first International Pascal Congress. As part of the event, they came up with the idea of an award for individuals who contributed to the Pascal language promotion. I'm incredibly happy and grateful they gave me this award. As I wrote, I'm sharing it with all of the people I worked with, at Embarcadero and before, as they helped me achieve what I did for Delphi and Pascal.

This is the official announcement:


As I wrote the organizers, I'm really pleased of this award...

"I'm incredibly pleased to be the winner of the Niklaus Wirth Award, given the huge respect I have for Dr. Niklaus Wirth and given the involvement I've had with the Pascal language and the Pascal developer community over more than 30 years.

I appreciate the recognition for my work as a book author, conference speaker, and recently product manager of one of the most prominent Pascal-based compilers and IDE, Delphi. I think this is not just a recognition of my personal work, but also of the work of many people I've been involved with and worked with over these many years and my thanks goes to those many individuals passionate for Pascal and Delphi."

You can also read the nice blog post Ian Barker wrote for Embarcadero on this topic, Marco Cantu wins the Niklaus Wirth Award for Most Value Contributor To Pascal, which includes also some comments and reactions by other developers in the community.

Thanks again. I'll be in Salamanca next week for the award, and the overall congress.