Following the XE7 counterpart, there is now a hotfix available for RAD Studio XE6, called "October 2015 XE6 Update Subscription Update". This includes a subset of the issues fixed in the recent XE7 hotfix. Again, this hotfix is available only to Update Subscription customers, as an extra bonus for our most loyal customers.

As we covered a few times, Update Subscription is your way to stay current with the products and also have fixes for recent past versions. We understand that even if you have the latest version available you cannot migrate immediately and cannot migrate all of your applications. While newer versions offers many significant enhancements in many areas of the product, and we certainly want to encourage everyone to move to RAD Studio 10 Seattle, having project on older versions with a few issues fixes can be beneficial.

So if you bought XE8 with Update Subscription you can head to

download and install. If you started update subscription with 10 Seattle, you can also download the package, but you might have to refresh your license in License Manager (at least over the next few days) before you can apply the fix. The installer, in fact, checks for a specific update subscription + license combination. By the way, the same applies to the XE7 fix: we are doing some final testing and will explain the actual steps as soon as possible.

Finally, the team is also working on an XE8 Update including some of the fixes introduced in 10 Seattle. And also working on the first main Update for 10 Seattle itself. These updates will also be limited to Update Subscription customers: If you bought 10 Seattle recently you might still have time to add the Update Subscription to it!