Called " Summer 2015 XE7 Update Subscription Update ", a new hotfix for XE7 is available on CodeCentral. As you can guess from the name, we planned to release it a couple of weeks ago (well, they say October is part of Indian Summer in California). Anyway, the idea is to use a "season" name, rather than a number, to make it is easier to refer to different fixes released over a longer time period.

It is important to notice that this hotfix is available only for Update Subscription customers. This is part of the new model introduced by the company since earlier this year and you can read more about at

What is the rationale of this approach? Many of our customers told us that even if they are on Update Subscription they don't plan migrating all developers, and even less all existing projects, to the latest release, which is why offering fixes for some of the most critical bugs in older releases is relevant. Notice we don't plan to update target operating systems support in older releases, although some exceptions might happen. If you need to target the latest operating systems, particularly the mobile ones, staying current with RAD Studio will be an advantage.

However, if you have projects based on XE7, this hotfix can help with a few quite core issues, mostly in the RTL. The list of actual fixes (a dozen, all customer reported issues either on QP or QC), along with the download -- a whopping 670MB, please ignore the "Download 0 bytes reference" -- is available at:

We are currently working on fixes for XE6 (very similar to the XE7 set) and XE8 (mostly focusing on regressions already fixed in 10 Seattle). This work is done as part of the new Update Subscription model promise to offer fixes for past versions for up to 2 years, which is a significant change from the past approach.