RAD Studio 10 Seattle Subscription Update 1

The update is now available for download. This update consists of over 250 bug fixes, including fixes to 70+ customer-reported issues -- see the list at edn.embarcadero.com/article/44619. Almost all of these 70+ customer reported bugs come from Quality Portal, http://quality.embarcadero.com, and include the 5 top voted issues specifically opened for 10 Seattle (and among the most voted overall). Here are the download links:

RAD Studio 10 Seattle Web Install (includes Update 1)

C++Builder 10 Seattle Web Install (includes Update 1)

Delphi 10 Seattle Web Install (includes Update 1)

Update 1 Details

The update includes the following notable fixes (some of which are specific to Delphi or C++):

  • Win64 compiler bug causing indeterministic behavior (RSP-12512, this issue was also previously addressed with a beta hot fix available to all registered users)
  • DataSnap REST client call issues due to the switch to the HTTP client library (RSP-12685)
  • DBGrid columns sizing bugs (like RSP-12433, RSP-11797)
  • High-resolution monitor and tabbed dialog handling (RSP-12332)
  • C++ 32bit CLANG compiler issues (like RSP-12250 and RSP-11883)
  • Themed common dialogs (RS-11814)
  • TPushEvents Android exception (RSP-12347)

Notice that these bugs will be marked as closed in QP in a few days, along with all other bugs that are closed as fixed or as duplicate of other bugs that have been fixed. The process is automated but requires manual overview...

Re-Install, Only For Subscription Customers

Two more tidbits. First, this update is a full uninstall/re-install. As usual the reason is this update touches such a large number of files, that individually updating those files won't really save any time (it will be much slower, in fact), but facing more risk of errors. You might have seen the size of the recent 64bit compiler hotfix.

Second, as the name implies and as already happened for XE8 and part of Embarcadero policy since the beginning of 2015, the Update is available only to active Update Subscription customers. If you own a 10 Seattle license without Update Subscription don't try to install it: you'll have to re-install the original version. What you can do is add the Update Subscription to your current license, contacting sales or a reseller partner. The standard limitations for buying Subscription only with or immediately after the product have been waived, so any 10 Seattle customer can now buy the Subscription for the next couple of weeks.

The Most Stable RAD Studio

RAD Studio 10 Seattle was a very stable release, and with this further Update is really becomes a version that's hard to miss for any C++Builder or Delphi developer! And if you still haven't bought 10 Seattle, you can take advantage of the current, incredible offers that provide you free high-quality components (RAD Solution Pack, Konopka Controls or CodeSite, depending on the SKU) with your license. Read more at www.embarcadero.com/radoffer.

Update: ISO Link

The ISO download is now at  cc.embarcadero.com/item/30446