Official Embarcadero MVP List

Embarcadero has officially posted the list of its MVP "Most Values Professionals" on a new MVP page of their web site.

Delphi XE3: Record Helpers for Intrinsic Types

One of the few new language features in Delphi XE3 is the ability to add "methods" to native language types. But this is not a small change for the language!

Delphi Razor Extensions

Last week I committed a few extensions to Delphi Razor, the open source server side HTML scripting engine tied to Delphi and part of my overall Delphi Relax framework.

Me and Windows 8 (and Start8)

After a month of using Windows 8 on my primary computer, here are a few considerations. In summary, great desktop, still puzzled by Metro. Which is why I like Start8.

Small Hidden New Features in Delphi XE3 RTL

I've done some research for a Delphi XE3 workshop I'm holding at my office tomorrow (in Italian). Beside the relevant new feature, I found some minor but interesting ones.

Conferences: ITDevCon 2012

The next week will see me speaking at a Delphi conference in Italy, but next months I'll be at other Delphi conferences (CodeRage on the Web and BE-Delphi in Belgium) I'll blog about ASAP.

Conferences: CodeRage 7

Next month will see the 7th edition of the online conference organized by Embarcadero, which this year doubles with a Delphi specific event and a C++ specific one.

Conferences: Be-Delphi Developer Event

I've be invited to speak at the second Delphi Developer Event organized by Be-Delphi on November 22nd in Edegem near Antwerp (Belgium).

ITDevCon 2012 Pictures

Here is a very short summary (mostly through pictures) of the ITDevCon conference last week in Verona, Italy.