Right as I'm preparing for ITDevCon (starting tomorrow in Verona) and CodeRage (online in early November), I want also to mention that I've been invited to speak at the second Delphi Developer Event organized by the Be-Delphi user group (logo below) on November 22nd in Edegem near Antwerp (Belgium). Information is available on their web site, http://be-delphi.com. The list of speakers is quite impressive and certainly high profile, so I like even more being involved. I'm going to cover "Delphi XE3 and Windows 8" and "Getting your Delphi code ready for Mobile". This second session won't be based on the coming mobile compiler (unless publicly released) but it will be based on what's already in Delphi XE3 in terms of run time library... and IFDEFs.

If you live in Belgium, this is an event you shouldn't miss. But even from nearby countries it might be well worth the trip.