Next month will see the 7th edition of the online conference organized by Embarcadero (originally started by CodeGear, which explains the name), which this year doubles with a Delphi specific event and a C++ specific one. The event will take place on the Internet, with both prerecorded and live sessions all followed by live Q&A with the presenter. Each event lasts 3 days, with the Delphi CodeRage going from November 6th to 8th and the C++ CodeRage the following week on the 13th to 15th.

All information (and the free signup form) can be found at While an online event hasn't got quite the same thrill of a live event, this conference has a very large reach, with attendees literally from all over the world. Interaction is limited to the Q&A at the end of the sessions, but blogs, newsgroups, and online communities complement the limited interaction of the official event. I generally enjoy the sessions, and (being in Europe) end up spending too much time awake into the night. Notice, though, that this year they start earlier, making it easier for Europeans to follow the event at a decent time.

I should be giving 3 sessions at the Delphi Conference, with the one on FireMonkey repeated also in the C++ track (notice that current online timing is likely to change):

    • Delphi XE3 Development for Windows 8
    • FireMonkey with Style
    • Using jQuery with DataSnap REST Applications