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October 26, 2012

ITDevCon 2012 Pictures

Here is a very short summary (mostly through pictures) of the ITDevCon conference last week in Verona, Italy.

Here is a very short summary (mostly through pictures) of the ITDevCon conference last week in Verona, Italy. You can read three conference summaries at and and the one from Daniele, the conference content planner, at This is an event I like a lot in terms of content, with high quality speakers (many from abroad, despite the limited international attendance). It is also the Delphi conference closest to where I live (if you don't count the Delphi events I organize in my city).

Pictures I Took

Here are some washed out pictures taken with my phone:



Pictures By Other Speakers

Here are links to pictures by other speakers (Jeroen and Primoz). First Day and evening at Wine Restaurant:

Some pictures include me (these are by Primoz):





ITDevCon 2012 Pictures 

Hi Marco,

Is that possible to get these conferences' videos?

Thanks in advance,
Comment by alper on October 30, 00:39

ITDevCon 2012 Pictures 

I know this is slightly off-topic(and - by the way,
Alper - I guess they won't be available for free
because the conference was for a fee) but, Marco, you
have avoided to talk about the supposed Embarcadero
choice of limiting the database connectivity side of
Pro editions :)

I know, you probably thought nobody would notice :)
but alas, someone has and probably not just me :)

Comment by Andrea Raimondi on October 30, 13:19

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