October 26, 2012

ITDevCon 2012 Pictures

Here is a very short summary (mostly through pictures) of the ITDevCon conference last week in Verona, Italy.

Here is a very short summary (mostly through pictures) of the ITDevCon conference last week in Verona, Italy. You can read three conference summaries at http://blogs.embarcadero.com/pawelglowacki/2012/10/28/39863 and http://www.thedelphigeek.com/2012/10/itdevconrecap.html and the one from Daniele, the conference content planner, at http://www.danieleteti.it/2012/10/29/itdevcon-2012-%E2%80%93-recap/. This is an event I like a lot in terms of content, with high quality speakers (many from abroad, despite the limited international attendance). It is also the Delphi conference closest to where I live (if you don't count the Delphi events I organize in my city).

Pictures I Took

Here are some washed out pictures taken with my phone:



Pictures By Other Speakers

Here are links to pictures by other speakers (Jeroen and Primoz). First Day and evening at Wine Restaurant:

Some pictures include me (these are by Primoz):





ITDevCon 2012 Pictures 

Hi Marco,

Is that possible to get these conferences' videos?

Thanks in advance,
Comment by alper on October 30, 00:39

ITDevCon 2012 Pictures 

I know this is slightly off-topic(and - by the way,
Alper - I guess they won't be available for free
because the conference was for a fee) but, Marco, you
have avoided to talk about the supposed Embarcadero
choice of limiting the database connectivity side of
Pro editions :)

I know, you probably thought nobody would notice :)
but alas, someone has and probably not just me :)

Comment by Andrea Raimondi on October 30, 13:19

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