Embarcadero Community Evangelist

Although still not officially announced on its website, Embarcadero Technologies has started a "Community Evangelist" program and has been so kind to invite me to take part in it.

My Trip To Capitola

Over the last 7 days I didn't blog because I was quite busy on a business trip to Capitola, California. Here are a few pictures.

RAD Studio XE3 World Tour Announced

Embarcadero has announced the coming XE3 World Tour, which clearly means their XE3 release date is getting closer, but there is very little official information for now.

JT on Delphi XE3 and Beyond

Delphi Product Manager JT has posted a very significant update of the current "mobile plans" for Delphi.

I'm an Embarcadero MVP

The "Embarcadero Evangelist Program" officially becomes "The "Embarcadero MVP Program", as blogged by Anders Ohlsson.

Introducing XE3 Video and World Tour Information

Today is the official debut (not the release!) of Embarcadero XE3 product line, including Delphi XE3. There is a video, and several blog posts by attendees of the early World Tour events.

Delphi and WinRT or Windows 8 "Dirty Little Secret"

Very interest post by Allen Bauer on the problems Delphi is facing in supporting WinRT... or, as he puts it, Windows 8 "Dirty Little Secret". Very interesting reading.