Today is the official debut (not the release!) of Embarcadero XE3 product line, including Delphi XE3. There is a video, and several blog posts by attendees of the early World Tour events.

First the video, available in the rather scanty landing page at

The XE3 World Tour has started with stops in Germany and Australia, and there is now a lot of information about the product. Here are a few links:

Metro look and feel (including live tiles support), FireMonkey FM2 with actions and video, better Mac support, visual live bindings, sensors, and the announced iOS and Android compilers. Seems XE3 has some actual meat for many developers.

Now there is a lot to digest, and listing here my own summary of the new features that have been publicly mentioned would make little sense. Better wait the product release and give you my view of the product. But in the meantime there will be new presentations and new details will surface. Stay tuned.