Embarcadero has announced the coming XE3 World Tour on http://www.embarcadero.com/world-tour . Current dates range from Augusr 21st (very close!) to October 1st, and locations spread over Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, and South Africa, for now, guess South America and other countries will be added soon. There is also on online Webinar on September 10th.

My current plans are to present at the events in Milan, Rome, and the Delphi Tage in Heidelberg (not "Heidelburg" as the site mentions). These 3 events  will be in the third week of September. Given past history, this clearly means their XE3 release date is getting closer, but there is no official information about a release date.

There is very little official information about the actual product features, for now, which is pushing speculation in the blogsphere at the highest level (also given a few internal leaks). The announcement mentions:

Learn how to give your existing VCL and FireMonkey apps a new Windows 8 look and functionality. See what's new in FM2, the next generation FireMonkey application platform. And get a first look at the newest member of the RAD Studio family – HTML5 Builder!

However, if you look at the individual events agenda, you'll find a bit more information:


Create Delphi, C++Builder and Prism applications with Windows 8 styling and functionality.  Convert existing VCL and FireMonkey forms to Windows 8 look and behavior with one click.  Add new multimedia functionality to your FireMonkey apps.  Use the new Visual LiveBindings designer to make connections quickly and visually.  Create HTML5 web apps and mobile apps for Android, iOS and more with new HTML5 Builder.  Build Windows 8 apps with WinRT using Prism XE3 in RAD Studio.  Embed InterBase XE3, the low cost zero-admin high performance database, into your Windows 8 applications

Here there are some more details, although nothing much really unexpected. But there is clearly a new version of InterBase. Some visual tool for LiveBindings (the data mapping technology introduced in XE2), FireMonkey updates, and this Windows 8 styling focus, which is quite obvious looking a the event logo, linked below:

PS. You might have noticed I've been very slow blogging this month, but part limited bandwidth where I'm spending most summer here in Italy, part work on projects I'm not allowed to discuss, part work on betas I'm not supposed to have, part fights with Windows 8 I'm still too confused to blog about... well, you get the idea. I'll get back to blogging consistently only after my real vacation time at the and of August.