Although still not officially announced on its website, Embarcadero Technologies has started a "Community Evangelist" program and has been so kind to invite me to take part in it.  The structure is similar to MVP (Most Values Professional) programs that other companies, starting with Microsoft, have in place.

Members of the program are developers not working for Embarcadero but who promote the company products, speak about them at conferences, give training classes, write articles, write books, write blog posts: given I've done all of this, I think I was a good candidate. Well, I'll have to blog a bit more, to keep the status.

Waiting for a formal announcement with the list of names, I can tell you that Delphi is the reference product for the moment and that there are members from most countries with a solid presence of Delphi developers. All the Delphi "gurus" out there seem to be part of it...

My personal opinion is that this is a welcome move, as it can lead other developers (and companies.. .hint, hint) find some of the people they can trust, and it is also a way to acknowledge the free time some of these people devote to Embarcadero products with extra information and free products (which in my case I already had, so no big change).

Kudos to the DevRel team at Embarcadero (David I, Anders Chirstine) for setting this up.