Delphi Help Insight Customization

As I mentioned in my last blog post about Help Insight, there are a few things you can do to customize its output, but also others that just don't work.

Delphi Prism 2011 Released

Yesterday, Embarcadero Technologies has released the latest version of Delphi for the .NET platform, Delphi Prism

Advantage Database Server 10 Released

Sybase has released a new version of its powerful DB server, used by many Delphi developers (myself included).

Delphi Help Insight XSL

Some ideas to change the predefined XSL for Help Insight and get an extended output.

Italian Delphi Day 2010 Summary

Yesterday I hosted a 70-people Delphi event in Piacenza, which was quite nice (at least from my perspective). We had Jason Vokes live, David I online, plus technical sessions.

Hundred Thousand Lines in a Unit

At a recent event, a person mentioned he had problems with the debugger with a very large unit. I tried to reproduce it...

Delphi Day 2010 Photos

A few pictures of the Delphi Day 2010 taken by Andrea Magni.

Amazon Suggesting Odd Related Books

On the Amazon web site, as you look for a book (or any other item), they suggest you similar products. The same over email, but similar I won't say.

Delphi Training in Kuwait

This week (and the next) I'm doing Delphi training to a group of developers in Kuwait City. Here are some impressions.

Microsoft Numbers, Trends, and Delphi

Over the last a few days debate has ranged about "Microsoft Numbers", an interesting debate from many perspectives, including Delphi's one.

From Kuwait: The Dinar and Its Millicent Fils

Another particular thing I've learned in this trip in Kuwait is how strange is a currency with "millicents".