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June 1, 2010

Delphi Help Insight Customization

As I mentioned in my last blog post about Help Insight, there are a few things you can do to customize its output, but also others that just don't work.

As I mentioned in my last blog post about Help Insight, there are a few things you can do to customize its output, but also others that just don't work. First, even if you read that post, you might want to go over it again, to read the dozen of comments, including one by Allen Bauer on why Help Insight cause problems with Delphi International/translated versions. Good point, although I'm pretty sure there is a way around it. But I don't want to get into this, but rather focus on what you can do to customize Help Insight.

So how you can customize the Help Insight content? There was a time you could edit the HelpInsight.css and HelpInsight.xsl files in the Repository folder (on my machine on C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\7.0\ObjRepos) and see the changes live in the IDE. Now editing these files has no effect, although its seems the IDE is using a copy of this file. Would there be an internal resource-based version for efficiency? I don' t know, if might as well be. I have modified versions of the XSL I used in older versions of Delphi, but I don't know how to change that. 

So all the customization that is left is to figure out which XML tags are recognized by the Help Insight viewer:


This means you can some up with a declaration with a comment like in the following images you'll get the Help Insight pane in the bottom part of the same image:




Delphi Help Insight Customization 

 Why doesn't help insight seem to work with virtual,
overloaded, and reintroduced procedures?
Comment by Alex [] on June 1, 21:22

Delphi Help Insight Customization 

 Looking at Nick's TSmiley code, you can also surround
text with <c></c> tags, and the resulting text will
display in code/monospaced font (Courier New by
default). Confirmed in D2010.
Comment by Vic Adam on June 2, 16:31

Delphi Help Insight Customization 

Try to edit the *.css/*.xsl files in /ObjRepos/en (or
your respective language directory).
Comment by Moritz Beutel [] on June 2, 19:11

Delphi Help Insight Customization 

 You should still be able to make changes to 
HelpInsight.css and have those changes show up in the 
Help Insight Window.  I just did it on our internal 

Is this not working for other folks?

Comment by Nick Hodges [] on June 2, 19:44

Delphi Help Insight Customization 

Can you post an example of how to do it with enums?
I have not been able to figure it out.
Comment by Rasmus on June 3, 07:37

Delphi Help Insight Customization 


 I can confirm that editing the XSL file has no effect 
(even after restarting the IDE) on any recent versions 
of the product I have. Think it worked in either 2007 or 
2009. Not 2010. Unless this depends on my settings.
Comment by Marco Cantu [] on June 3, 22:03

Delphi Help Insight Customization 

Marco --

What is the exact path of the file you are editing?


Comment by Nick Hodges on June 3, 23:21

Delphi Help Insight Customization 

Changing the xsl file did work for me in D2010.

Could it be a language thing as Moritz suggested?
Comment by PeterS on June 3, 23:49

Delphi Help Insight Customization 

Ops, my fault. I wasn't using the "en" subfolder but the 
main one. Now It works, will re-blog soon with some XSL 
Comment by Marco Cantu [] on June 4, 08:10

Delphi Help Insight Customization 

 This feature is not available on pro SKU?
Comment by on June 4, 08:32

Delphi Help Insight Customization 

If there are multiple types declared in the same unit, 
it seems that each type need to have an explicit "type" 
keyword between each object for the Help Insight to 
work?  This doesn't sit well with forward declaration of 
Comment by Lars Fosdal [] on June 6, 11:43

Delphi Help Insight Customization 

 You forget the most important. This is short key
Comment by You forget the most important. This is short key [] on December 10, 20:34

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