Visual Studio 2010, Floating vs. Embedded Designers

Jason Zander, General Manager for Visual Studio, revealed a few changes for Visual Studio 2010, from a WPF-based architecture to floating documents.

Delphi Porte Aperte 2009 and Advantage Event, in Rome, Piacenza, and Padua

I've organized short "Delphi Tour of Italy", to present the status of the product, plus a companion Advantage event.

DataRage Registration Open

The registration of the online DataRage conference, organized by Embarcadero, is now open.

A Windows Without Internet Explorer

I probably missed out on the news last week, while I was on holiday, but I haven't seen this reported a lot. You'll be able to remove features from Windows 7, including lots of things I don't use and want, like Internet Explorer.

Delphi (and Prism) Tweets of the Day

I've started a Delphi Tweet of the Day on Twitter... which is powered by Delphi.

Building a Tweet of the Day Application

I've spend some time (but still too little) to build my Tweet of the Day application. Here are some elements.

Delphi 2009 Book in Japanese

My Delphi 2009 Handbook has been published in Japan... and will be available in the next few days.

Impressions from BASTA! Italia Conference

A short report with my impressions of the conference I attended last week, the first Italian edition of the BASTA! conference, focused on .NET technologies.

On Strings and Unicode in Delphi 2009

There have been a few posts about strings in Delphi 2009. Here are a couple of comments.