Last week my friend and co-speaker at Delphi Developer Days (hint, there are still places available), Cary Jensen, started a Delphi Prism Tweat of the Day, on his twitter account at

Today while finishing preparing my Web Mashup talk for the Embarcadero DataRage conference (taking place next week over the web), I've created a Delphi Tweet of the Day (seems twitter says tweet and not tweat, but I'm far from sure). I did that on a separate twitter account than my personal one, at Now what is different is that in my case I've written a Delphi application to collect and automatically publish to Twitter... which took only minutes to figure out thanks to their easy-to-use REST interface.

More about the application later. For now, there are only two small tweets... more will come (daily, I really hope). And next week during the conference I'll discuss the "Tweet of the Day" program, and probably also blog about it. Stay tuned.