Like last year, I've organized (with bitTime, the local CodeGear representative in Italy) a short "Delphi Tour of Italy", called "Delphi Porte Aperte" (Delphi Open Doors). This is a half-day seminar to present the status of the product, with stops in Rome, Piacenza, and Padua. The event will take place in the second half of March. I'm actually going to be in Rome the day before "Basta! Italy", a .NET Conference I'm speaking at.

In Rome and Padua, in the same days of the status of of Delphi event (which takes place in the afternoon) I'm organizing an Advantage and Delphi event (in the mornings), called "Client/server with ISAM technology" and introducing the architecture of this database, the easy of porting of existing local database applications, and the performance gains for existing client/server ones.

For more information and to signup to these free events, refer to the two links above or go to the (recently updated) web site of my company,