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May, 2021

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Embarcadero expands InterBase support for Visual Studio

Embarcadero has released a new InterBase ADO.NET driver for Visual Studio. The new driver, made available as a Nuget package and listed in the Visual Studio marketplace, will offer Visual Studio 2019 IDE integration and full support for ADO.NET and the Entity Framework. -- Read blog post.

Konopka Signature VCL Controls Version 7

A new version of the KSVC bonus package with enhanced HighDPI support is now available in RAD Studio GetIt Package manager. -- Read blog post.

Using Delphi's Expressions Engine

Delphi RTL include a very powerful expression engine, which is one of the foundations of the Live Bindings architecture, but can be used as a separate engine for processing expressions. This blog post offers a quick introduction to the topic. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Binding Expressions, Properties and Components

Continuing last week blog post on binding expressions, let's see how components can participate, but creating expressions that refer to properties. -- Read blog post.