The Konopka Signature VCL Controls library is a VCL library with a nice set of enhanced visual controls and powerful embedded designers. Embarcadero bought the rights from Raize Software a few years ago.

In the 10.4.2 time frame, we made some fixes and improvements to the KSVC library primarily focused on VCL styles support and integration (released in version 6.5). Now we have published a new version that leverages VCL features introduced in 10.3 and 10.4 for High DPI support (for the Per Monitor v2 Windows 10 mode). Because of this change, the new version of KSVC can be used only with RAD Studio 10.4.x and we are keeping the older 6.x versions available for compatibility.

As you can see below, both versions show up in GetIt for customers on 10.4.2:

The installation is done directly via GetIt:

Once installed, the library adds a number of components to the RAD Studio IDE (here is a section of the Tools Palette):

And finally here is the classic all-encompassing demo rebuild with the last version (which does require a couple of code changes):

The issues addressed in version 7 of KSVC include the following Quality Portal reports:

RSP-31791    TRzControlButton: Wrong border when StyleElements is empty
RSP-31786    TRzControlButton.DrawSpinButton() should check StyleElements property
RSP-31785    TRzControlButton should paint arrows in Vista style, not Windows 95 style
RSP-31784    TRzCustomComboBox does not respect style when painting
RSP-23472    High DPI scaling issues in KVSC Raize components
RSP-21178    HighDPI bugs in Konopka Signature VCL Controls 6.2.3 
RSP-16715    Close button not scaled on TRzTabControl for highDPI

Hope this work is appreciated by the many active users of this controls library and that other VCL developers start using it.