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November, 2017

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CodeRage XII is Next Week

Next week will see the 12th edition of Embarcadero's yearly online conference. Three days full of sessions covering Delphi, C++Builder, InterBase, and all of the company products (including also Sencha's ExtJS), but also general software development topics and third party tools. I'll be giving a couple of sessions. Don't miss it! -- Read blog post.

CodeRage XII Starts Today (With European Schedule)

The online CodeRage conference starts today. Here is a European-centric calendar for those living on our side of the ocean. And some more information... -- Read blog post.

Explaining Tasks in Delphi Parallel Library... by Creating too Many Tasks

While doing some research for an online class, I came up with a demo that highlights the concept of a task in Delphi PPL (Parallel Programming Library) and how they differ from threads. -- Read blog post.

New on Embarcadero Academy: CodeRage Replays and my New Course and Bundle

Embarcadero Academy is growing with new content. Most notably, all of the CodeRage online conference replays are available on the site. I added a new course on Anonymous Methods and a course bundle on Modern Delphi Language. -- Read blog post.

Cross JIRA Analysis with FireDAC CDATA JIRA Connector

In Embarcadero, for the RAD Studio project, we have two JIRA systems, that would occasionally fall out of sync. So I used Delphi and the FireDAC CDATA Connector for JIRA to make some automated analysis. Here is some information about the project, including configuration and actual code. -- Read blog post.