Next week, from Tuesday November 7th to Thursday November 9th will see the 12th edition of Embarcadero's yearly online conference, called "CodeRage" since the CodeGear days. This event goes beyond all other webinars and sessions, in scope, breadth and focus, and is really an online multi-day event. While most sessions will be available afterwards, I really recommend you to plan attending live and get involved into the Q&A and discussion and social media conversations around the conference. Reserve your time and don't be shy asking your boss some free time to attend the conference -- it will be so much cheaper than going to a real one!

You can see the temporary program at:

I won't comment on all of the sessions, but I'm going to mention a few highlight and list mine:

  • Two guess industry luminaries will be giving sessions, Robert Martin (aka Uncle Bob) is speaking on "The Clean Coder - An Introduction to Software Professionalism" and Steven McConnell (of "Code Complete" fame) is speaking on "Managing Technical Debt".
  • RAD Studio product address by the PM team (Sarina, David, and myself) in which we will provide hints (and screenshots) of new features to come in RAD Studio 10.2.2 -- Tuesday 9AM Central US Time or 4PM in Central Europe.
  • Many sessions by well-known Delphi gurus including Ray Konopka (he'll also provide some interesting previews), Cary Jensen, Brian Long, Bob Swart, Danny Wind, Olaf Monien.... and many many others
  • Sessions by most Embarcadero SC at all latitudes, covering many ways to use RAD Studio
  • Detailed covered of many third party tools (including FMX Linux, Arduino integration, reporting, DB tools, UI controls and libraries, code migration, and much much more)
  • Technical sessions by the PM team (David, Sarina, myself, and Sandeep for Sencha). Specifically, I'm giving a session titled "Introduction to Ext JS for Delphi Developers" in which I'll provide some initial information on Ext JS and the use of the Sencha Architect IDE for building the front end of a RAD Server web service -- Tuesday 11AM Central US Time or 6PM in Central Europe.

Finally notice that this year the online conference will be hosted both on GoToWebinar and on Embarcadero Academy at, where you can already sign up and see the detailed schedule.