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December, 2016

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Speaking at SDN Event, December 9th, in the Netherlands

Friday I'll be speaking at an event of the SDN group in Zeist, in the Netherlands. -- Read blog post.

Less is More - Why Less Major Releases with Non-Breaking Updates Adding Features is a Good Thing

Answering to pressing requests from customers and partners, RAD Studio is moving from a 6 month release cycle with one main bug-fix update to a 1-year release cycle with multiple updates including fixes and new features. -- Read blog post.

Microsoft mentioning RAD Studio Desktop Bridge Support

It is a fairly interesting time to see Microsoft promote RAD Studio Berlin Update 2 support for the Centennial bridge, as the only IDE providing this capability out of the box. -- Read blog post.

New GetIt Packages: AQTime, InstallAware, Redis, ErrorSoft, Component Trials by TMS and Others and Much More

There are many additional packages recently added to the GetIt Package Manager for Berlin, from free tools and components, to trial versions of paid ones. The list notably includes AQTime. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #48

It has been a long time, but here is another roundup of notable blog posts in the Delphi space. -- Read blog post.

My Year in Cities 2016

Following a long tradition of this blog, dating back to 2006 (and continued in each of the following years), here is my year 2016 seen through the cities I've been to. -- Read blog post.