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February, 2016

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Blog UI Redesign in Progress

As you might have seen if you visited my blog during the last two days, I'm in the process of a complete redesign of the user interface (not the underlying engine). Hope you'll appreciate the results. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #38

Another round up of interesting links and blog posts for Delphi developers. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2016 Roadmap

The RAD Studio roadmap for 2016, including plans for Delphi and C++Builder for the current year, is now public -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio Hotfixes for XE8 and XE7 with 10 Seattle fixes

Yesterday Embarcadero has released two hotfixes for RAD Studio XE7 and RAD Studio XE8 including a number of bug fixes that have already been made available in RAD Studio 10 Seattle. -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio iOS Developer Certificate Issue Possibly Caused by Apple WWDR Certificate Expriration

Starting yesterday, a few RAD Studio iOS developers have been experiencing provisioning issues, due to the expiration of an Apple intermediate certificate, not of their own developer certificate. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #39

Another collection of relevant news and blog posts on Delphi and RAD Studio, from the last couple of weeks. -- Read blog post.

ObjectDebugger for Delphi 10 Seattle

I've just uploaded on GitHub my runtime Object Inspector, or ObjectDebugger, for VCL applications. -- Read blog post.

Stepping through Values in a Delphi for Loop

There has been a recent request to add to for loop in the Object Pascal language the ability to add a step, that is an increment different from one. Here is an alternative implementation using a loop and a custom enumerator. -- Read blog post.