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January, 2014

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Vote for Delphi in Code2013

If you used Delphi in 2013 and have a twitter account, you should vote the language in the Code 2013 context. -- Read blog post.

A Splash Screen for Delphi on Android

Differently form iOS, Android lacks an initial splash bitmap, but you can build one to improve startup time (or its perception). -- Read blog post.

Some New Year Delphi Blog Posts

A new year has started, and I'm back linking a few Delphi blog posts I liked. Plus voting on code2013 is still running. -- Read blog post.

Webinar on Programming Devices and Gadgets in Delphi

Next week, Jim McKeeth and David I will host a very interesting webinar on building app for mobile devices and gadgets, covering many different platforms made available by the new Delphi mobile compilers. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Week #1

Notable Delphi blog posts of the last week, trying to turn this into a regular series, given I was doing this anyway. -- Read blog post.

Delphi XE5 Hotfix 4 Has New reFind

Embarcadero has released hotfix 4 for Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE5 Update 2. It contains the updated reFind that was supposed to ship in Update 2. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Week #2

Another round of Delphi (but not only Delphi) blogs posts (and not only blog posts) I found this week. I guess I might already have to change title, but let's stick with it for now. -- Read blog post.

Delphi XE5 Update 2 has FireDACJSONReflect for DataSnap

There was another hidden gem in the Update 2 of Delphi XE5 (and RAD Studio and C++Builder), namely a new unit to help you working with DataSnap REST clients and FireDAC datasets, both on the client and on the server side. -- Read blog post.