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April, 2013

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Automatic Reference Counting for Delphi

The coming Delphi for iOS compiler will have a brand new memory management model for Delphi, ARC. -- Read blog post.

Delphi XE4 Is Available

Delphi XE4 is available, both the trial version and the release product. Info, announcement, webinar, code snippets, videos, and much, much more. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Language for Mobile Development Paper

My Delphi Language for Mobile Development white paper is now available as a free download. -- Read blog post.

My Delphi Podcast Interview

I was interviewed by Jim McKeeth for a new episode of the Delphi Podcast. -- Read blog post.

Assorted Delphi XE4 Links

I've been busy with launch webinar and other activities, but also spent some time online. Here is a collection of links related with Delphi XE4. -- Read blog post.