As of today (a couple of hours ago) Delphi XE4 is available. This is a very significant new version of Delphi, since it adds to Windows and Mac development the announced iOS ARM compiler and the complete support for the iOS platform (RTL, FireMonkey, Indy, Database access, DataSnap, full development and deployment to simulator and device from the Delphi IDE...)

The product pages are available starting from and also Notice that RAD Studio invariably includes mobile support, while Delphi has it by default only in the Enterprise version and above. Users of the Professional version can buy it as an add-on. On the other hand, Prism is not part of RAD Studio any more. The formal press announcement has been blogged also by Tim at

Speaking of versions and offers, there is a 10% discount for the first month; we highly recommend buying maintenance and support; there is a really minimal fee to move up to XE4 Professional from XE3 Professional (to which you can add the maintenance, the iOS support, and the related maintenance). Embarcadero is moving to more frequent releases than in the past, which is why maintenance is always recommended (even on the plain Professional version). If you are already under maintenance, licences are being sent and you should receive yours within a few days.

On maintenance, you can read Tony's announcement about "the first mayor release not in September" and his dedication to "the miracle worker who is asked to achieve greatness on a day to day basis" (that is, our customers).

Both the trial version and the release product are available today. For the trial there is a standard install, but also an AppWave "instant" trial. With "instant" we mean it takes minutes to have it up and running, rather than hours. I recommend you try it out, also because it leaves your system un-altered once you remove it. An instant trial FAQ is available at

The announcement webinar will be on Wednesday the 24th (which reminds me I have to finish preparing my section). Sign up at

We are releasing the product with a tutorial on iOS development (see and quite a few videos, starting with those at The product "welcome" page has been replaced by default with documentation, short demos called "code snippets" and related videos.

There is much, much more, but if I have sign off this blog post. More will come, very shortly.

PS: I told you, 2013 is going to be a great year for Delphi