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January, 2013

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2013: A Great Year for Delphi

My prediction is that 2013 will be a great year for Delphi: the product will be turning 18 and getting a mobile brother. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Price Compared

From time to time I see comments and concerns about Delphi price. How does it compare with other offerings? It is very hard to make a fair comparison, so I'm "merely" listing prices, without too many comments. -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio Wins DeveloperWeek 2013 Award

RAD Studio Wins the Developer Week 2013 Award as Top Innovator in the category Developer Tools. -- Read blog post.

TStringHelper in Delphi XE3

I blogged some time ago about record helpers for native types in general, this time I want to focus on TStringHelper, for a couple of good reasons. -- Read blog post.

Spending the Week in Scotts Valley

While my official workplace is home, I get here in California on a regular basis. -- Read blog post.

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon

There is a new Delphi for iOS page on the Embarcadero web site, with the announcement of the new tool and its features. -- Read blog post.

Picture of an iOS Picture (taken with a Delphi App)

This is the picture of a picture taken with a Delphi iOS application. I know, almost recursive. -- Read blog post.