This is the picture of a picture taken with a Delphi iOS application. I know, almost recursive, but let me explain.

Sarina wrote this nice Delphi iOS application, with a few components (an image control, a couple of buttons) and two actions. One of the actions let's you take a picture connecting to the system Camera app. Being an action, there is no code to write. One line of code, and you can copy the picture to the image control. So I used it, took a picture of my table, and than from my (Android) phone I took a picture of the iPod running the Delphi app. So, 0 lines + 1 line = 1 line of code total for this operation.

In other words, this is the picture of a Delphi application used to take a picture through the Camera application. Enough said (stay tuned for more info), here it comes: