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November, 2012

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Help Update 1 for Delphi XE3

Embarcadero has just released an update of the Delphi help files. -- Read blog post.

David I's 31 Videos in October

David I made it: In the past month he delivered a RAD Studio XE3 video each day, for a total of 31. Check them out. -- Read blog post.

Joining Embarcadero as Delphi Product Manager

If you follow my twitter account or have attended the product address of CodeRage, you now that I've just made a big career change, joining Embarcadero Technologies. -- Read blog post.

CodeRage 7 and My Sessions

Lest week, while I was in Scotts Valley, I was directly involved in four CodeRage 7 sessions, plus followed many others. -- Read blog post.

Delphi in Action Webinar on DataSnap

Next week, on the 28th, I'll give a "Delphi in Action" webinar on DataSnap, focused on deployment and practical tips. -- Read blog post.

DataSnap, Deployment, Performance, and More

My DataSnap webinar is running right now, but this blog post was prompted also by a performance post last week. Here are some comments and tips. -- Read blog post.

Conferences: SDE+, Next Monday

Last conference of the year, next Monday in the Netherlands. SDE+ by the Software Development Network. 8 Delphi sessions in a very dense single-day event. -- Read blog post.

DataSnap Webinar Material and BE-Delphi Code and Slides

Here are some tidbits I promised in terms of source code and slides for recent sessions. And the link to the DataSnap webinar white paper. More to come. -- Read blog post.