If you follow my twitter account or have attended the product address of CodeRage, you now that I've just made a big career change, joining Embarcadero Technologies.

I've been working with Borland and Embarcadero products for over two decades, have been writing books on the technologies (well, mostly Delphi), have been a technical partner and my company was (and still remains) a sales partner in Italy. I've been in touch with the R&D team, developer relations, marketing people and product managers. But even recently I won't have envisioned joining the company. I was offered the job to help shape Delphi's future and didn't have to ponder a lot.

The position I'm taking is Delphi Product Manager, although there is actually a product management team for RAD Studio, with split and shared responsibilities.

I'll be based in Europe (working from home, when not on the road), where there are some of the R&D teams and a large number of Delphi customers. For Delphi developers in Europe this is good news, as it might be easier to reach me at "local" conferences and events. I'll start by attending Be-Delphi in 2 weeks.

In case you are wondering, I'll keep doing some of my current activities, like keeping this blog open and active and use my personal twitter account. I'll try to put some of my (limited) free time on books writing, and make sure some of my open source projects have a future. But it is hard to tell, as I have a lot to learn right now.

Needless to say I'm open for comments, use my new email address marco.cantu at embarcadero.com (but I'll keep monitoring also my older email accounts). Feel also free to use this blog for posting comments, ideas, constructive criticism... you know what I mean, we need a healthy and more relaxed community around Delphi.

So, this is all for now. Stay tuned to this space for news and updates. It's a new adventure, I hope you'll enjoy it with me.  Long live Delphi!